"Kim was amazing from the first email. You could say that my (now) husband and I are quite specific, especially when it comes to photography. Kim answered all of our questions prior to the day, and day of, she was absolutely amazing. By the end of the day, she felt more like a close friend than someone I met only a few hours earlier.  We had a small intimate wedding with our closest and craziest family on Cumberland Island. Kim was able to capture every emotion, on every face. She took honest and beautiful photos of one of the most important days of my life, and I couldn't be more grateful. Everyone who has seen our photos has told us that it looked like a fairy tale, and I would absolutely agree!"


Our biggest consideration for our wedding photography was that the photos we ended up with captured the event how it actually happened, and Kim delivered exactly what we were hoping for.  It's not always easy planning a destination wedding, but working with Kim was an absolute pleasure from day one.  From when she arrived in the morning to start capturing everyone getting ready to the ceremony and reception, it felt more like Kim was part of group, and just happened to have a bunch of cameras attached to her.  She knew exactly when and what to capture in order to preserve such an important day and made everyone feel at ease.  We were blown away by her work and now have such beautiful memories to look back on our big day!


"You know how sometimes you go through an experience and think, “I would have never gotten through this without __.”? In regards to my wedding, that sentence ends with Kim’s name. From our first call I felt we were in amazing hands, yet nothing could have prepared me for what she did for us the weekend of our wedding. She flawlessly served as photographer, friend, time manager, emergency cocktail-maker and comedic relief. Flexible, fiercely funny, and fazed by nothing, she conquered both Mother Nature and bridal anxiety. When we wanted to use our South Philly neighborhood as a backdrop, a place where many would see streets lined with bird poop-covered cars, Kim captured an urban jungle of colorful doors and weathered brick walls laced with vines. More than being beautiful, and capturing us exactly as we are, Kim’s photography let us relieve the moments that I thought would simply become memories in my mind. I tried to absorb it all at the time, but the surreal-ness swept me away. So when I saw the photos of the ceremony afterwards, I was brought to tears. She had captured everything: the laughter, intensity, joy. All of it. Everyone says that your wedding will go by in the blink of an eye and it’s true. Kim gave it to us forever, and in a way that I believe only she could."


"If you are in need of a photographer with an uncanny ability to capture all the seen and unseen special moments of your event, then look no further then Kim! Upon reviewing our photos I was amazed to see so many precious moments I would have missed otherwise. The proud look on a parent’s face as they stood behind us, the boisterous laughter shared among a group of friends I don’t see nearly enough; all moments immortalized by the special talents of a gifted photographer! Kim’s photography is not only beautiful it is full of memory and emotion. Her photos were not a documentary of the day, they captured the spirit, life and breathe of our special event. When I look over them I am immediately transported to that day and through her skill, able to feel the joy in my heart as deeply as I did in that moment. Her passion for her art is profound, and was a priceless benefit to us! Her skill behind the lens is only matched by her infectious joyous spirit that puts you at ease and helps guide you into poses that seem natural, but result in artistic creations that you will cherish!"


Selecting a wedding photographer was a scary venture since so much of your memories reside in the photographs that are taken on your wedding day.  Selecting Kim to shoot our big day ended up being one of the best decisions we made! She is extremely helpful and very responsive which immediately helped set our minds at ease. On the day-of she helped move everything along despite the fact that our wedding party was running behind on getting ready.  Mostly, I am appreciative of her patience and for being a calm presence when things started getting a little rushed.  Beyond her professionalism, Kim has exquisite taste and a keen eye for beauty and candor. She captured so many lovely pictures of each phase of our wedding. During the reception she was both everywhere and nowhere-like a photo ninja- so that we had tons of candid photos without even realizing that she was taking pictures! Overall, Kim was an incredible photographer and we absolutely loved our photos. If you have any doubts, let them go and book her now!